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  • There's A Moon

Lionel Thomas Art

There's A Moon

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Echoes of New Orleans.

Switching style and staying away from the vibrant colors: It's Halloween. Let the vampires get out and play, under the moonlight.

With inspiration drawn from Sting's 'Moon Over Bourbon Street' my aim was to deliver a more somber, introspective view of New Orleans. I challenge the viewer's perspective of this vibrant city, making them question what lurks in its quieter hours.

The overarching mood of this piece is introspective. Using a largely dark color palette, punctuated only by the stark contrast of the moon and faint light sources, the artwork veers away from the festive and dives into the more subdued, nocturnal side.

My approach to technique lies in the expressive brushwork. Broad and sweeping strokes dominate the piece, adding texture, especially to the sky and the structures. The abstract representation of buildings, using geometric forms and a mix of tans and browns, gives a nod to the brick or stone structures. The ambiguous figures, blurred and overlapped, lend an air of mystery and motion. The scattered white specks, perhaps streetlights or lanterns, serve to break the monotony and guide the viewer’s gaze across the piece.

This piece delves into the juxtaposition of NOLA's lively nature against the stillness of its night, offering a nuanced take on the streets where jazz thrives, but where shadows also have stories to tell.

"There's A Moon..." by Lionel Thomas
Mixed media on canvas - 35x40' 
Paris - (2018)