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  • African Blues

Lionel Thomas Art

African Blues

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"African Blues" 
36x36' // New York 2022

In "The African Blues" raw emotion is the medium, and the canvas is a stage. This piece captures a moment of profound engagement: a guitarist in the thrall of his instrument, fingers dancing along the fretboard, coaxing out melodies that are as steeped in tradition as they are alive in the present.

The painting's aesthetic is deliberately unrefined, mirroring the honest essence of a musician's journey—there's sweat in the strum and soul in the solo. The backdrop is a riot of colors, perhaps a visual echo of sound waves, or a metaphor for the spectrum of emotions that music can evoke.

This artwork is straightforward in its portrayal of an artist and his instrument, a testament to the grind behind the glamour. "The African Guitarist" is for those who recognize that the beauty of music lies in the fingertips' callouses and the strings' vibrations. It's for the collector who seeks a piece that doesn't just hang but inhabits a space, commanding attention and conversation.