The "Trane" art piece story

The "Trane" art piece story

An art Jazz story to close 2022 with vista.

This Coltrane masterpiece [limited edition available] sold yesterday and found its new home in New Jersey. If I told you that I painted it in 2017 after I broke my saxophone in Cameroon, I was so sad...A country where you can't even find a sax repair or art supply shop till' this day. I posted "Trane" on social media and somebody in Brooklyn bought it.

With the money, I bought my plane ticket back to France, where I could grow my art. Fast forward, here I am in below-zero freezing New York, kicking it, riding the E train to Blick in Manhattan. And Trane is still selling and lighting my way. What a blessing!!! This thing is powerful and forces you to seat down, bewildered. Don't tell me every artist is the same, my story is so unique, and my fabric lands on that spectrum: boldness, drive, persistence, and sheer determination.

Every piece I create is transpiring the same energy and vibrates on walls. It's a crazy world where they killed the arts, and keep chastising the artists. Shout out to my collectors, they are the realest, the most unbelievable human beings I know, and they are the wind beneath my crazy wings.

Happy New Year! I will rock your 2023 artistically harder than 2022, buckle up!

"Trane" by Lionel Thomas (2017) 31x23 inches [AVAILABLE] on my website, check it out:

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