The Story Behind: Ladies of Calabasas

The Story Behind: Ladies of Calabasas
This is a painting that purports the face of a Jazz musician but it doesn't look like it, and that is really where the clue to the idea of the composition lies.
We are dealing with Thomas who is questioning: "what is it that I should be doing if I no longer want to paint realistic music portraits like a photograph?"
In this case, what he is doing is saying "I am going to analyze the underlying structure of this intricate groove going in the minds of geniuses as controversial as Monk, Mingus, or Beiderbecke. A strong, melancholic, and dramatic piece which brings you back to when the music and the vibe were good and going on non-stop.

"Ladies of Calabasas" by Lionel Thomas / New York - 2022
Medium: Multimedia (markers & collage on canvas) and Acrylics on canvas
Dimensions: 2.5x3.5 feet

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