Carl first met Albert King as a teenager when his father brought the blues giant home with him.

Carl thought Albert was just another of dad’s mechanic friends, but when King heard the young man playing “Cross Cut Saw,” he revealed himself as the author of the song, and Carl ended up spending two years on the road with him as his rhythm guitarist.

Art piece inspired by Carl Weathersby's blues melodies

When you feel it, there are multiple way you can paint the blues, but the way I see it and render it on canvas is...unique. 
I take my time and let the colors, textures and music lead me like the energy of a thunder storm. I know the blues by heart, so it’s easy to capture its soul on canvas.

This piece is a friendly reminder of how Albert King changed Carl's life for the better. That way their music can be preserved forever on this gigantic canvas I paint. 

Carl Weathersby playing the guitar

"Carl Weathersby" by Lionel Thomas
Acrylics on linen canvas
4.5x5 feet
[commission piece] - SOLD

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